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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In a year when the catering industry is busy adapting to the new normal, Wine.Luxe Magazine held the "Hong Kong Top 10 Wine Pairing Restaurant Awards 2021" today to recognize the efforts and persistence of local restaurants in food and wine pairing and to showcase the best-of-the-best among the wine and catering industry.

This year, Wine.Luxe Magazine is honored to have star beauty winemaker Bernice Liu; VP & Head of APAC sales at Yahoo Rico Chan; Enoteca Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer, Nick Chan; fashion designer and foodie William Tang; "Wine.Luxe" editor-in-chief Nelson Siu; Hong Kong Sommelier Association Chairman Nelson Chow; TV program host Cecelia Wong; International Catering consultant Adriano De Wing; star taster Peter Kwong and other celebrities to be the judges this year.

The participating restaurants are divided into two categories: Asian Cuisines Restaurants, and lnternational Restaurants. Judges visited the participating restaurants, observing and judging the restaurant's overall wine list design, the knowledge and service of the sommeliers, and the quality of the wine and cuisine. The 10 top-quality Asian restaurants and International restaurants were selected according to a rigorous scoring criteria. The final award winner were announced at the ceremony today, as to encourage those restaurants which worked tirelessly to create good food and good wine experiences.

Wine.Luxe Magazine today announced the collaboration with MaiCapital, an award-winning Hong Kong SFC-licensed asset manager that invests in the Blockchain space, to pursue its upcoming Blockchain initiatives. As a part of this partnership, MaiCapital is the sole sponsor for this event in the Blockchain technology arena and commissioned its sister company, MaiBlocks Technology, a Blockchain technology company, to create the world’s first Wine Pairing Restaurant Awards NFT (Non-fungible token). The winning restaurants will receive a unique NFT to be listed on the world’s largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. Each NFT is unique and indivisible, creating irrefutable proof of the award winner once the record is established on the Blockchain. With these properties, Blockchain and OpenSea are considered as a perfect platform to record and track international awards and qualifications for high-quality wines.

Wine.Luxe Magazine editor-in-chief, Nelson Siu comments on the partnership, “Wine.Luxe Magazine is proud to partner with MaiCapital to present the world’s first Wine Pairing Restaurants Awards through NFT. We aim to provide an international accredited restaurant awards to local catering industry, through the uniqueness and topicality of the NFT. In the meantime, to create a qualified platform for worldwide gourmand.”

Michael Wong, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of MaiCapital, said, “This marks a milestone in the wine and dining history with the issuance of the first ever Wine Pairing Restaurants Awards NFT. MaiCapital is proud to bring this unique way to recognize and record the best-of-the-best restaurants winners and a testament of the innovation of industry and the limitless potential of NFT and Blockchain.”

Hong Kong Top 10 Wine Pairing Restaurant 2021 Winning Restaurants

The professional judging panel selected the top ten wine pairing restaurants from more than hundreds of restaurants. Each of them will receive the NFT award co-created by Wine.Luxe and MaiCapital.

Hong Kong Top 10 Wine Pairing Restaurant Awards 2021

8 1/2 Otto Mezzo Bombana Restaurant, Cocktail Bar & Lounge - Lai Sun Dining

Arbor - Gourmet Dining Group


Caprice - Four Seasons

Écriture - Le Comptoir

ÉPURE - Gourmet Dining Group

Gaddi's - The Peninsula Hong Kong

Octavium - Octavo Group

Radical Chic Restaurant


Hong Kong Top 10 Wine Pairing Asian Restaurant Awards 2021

Bo Innovation


Man Wah - Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

MIÁN - Lubuds Group

Ming Court - Cordis, Hong Kong

One Harbour Road - Hyatt Hotels Corporation

T'ang Court - The Langham, Hong Kong

The Legacy House - Rosewood Hong Kong

Tin Lung Heen - The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Ying Jee Club

ZS Hospitality Group

For more details, you can find the press releases below:

Wine Luxe International Awards 2021 Ceremony - Eng_Final
Download PDF • 299KB

Top 10 Wine Pairing Restaurant Awards 2021 - Eng Press Release_Final
Download PDF • 236KB

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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

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